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West Thonotosassa Baptist Church began its ministry to the community in September 1938.  Our church has always been a unique place of worship and service.  A place where each one can feel comfortable right where they are as they work out their relationship and fellowship with God. 


The heritage we enjoy is due to the faithfulness and sacrifice of those who have gone before us, in addition to those who are members today.  The power of our heritage is to realize that the ministry in which we are engaged, is simply the continuation of the ministry begun by Christ Himself; gives us a sense of purpose and stability that are missing in much of life today.  The willingness of each person to give, serve, and love has laid the foundation for all that God is doing in this place.  Each soul that is saved, each family that is reached, and each child that is introduced to the God who loves them, is an extension and continuation of the ministry at West Thonotosassa Baptist Church.


God continues to work in our midst. Our ministries are growing and we are experiencing what can only be described as the hand of God moving in this place.  God led a small group of believers over 75 years ago to begin meeting in a small building, that was replaced over the years to the current building, because He had a mission for them.  That mission was to reach this community and the world around them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our mission today remains the same: to reach the lost, disciple the saved, and worship and glorify God with our lives.

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