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Adult, youth, and children ministries are available to the community



 We are a church that believes in prayer and we know that prayer is the foundation for growth, peace of mind, and healing.

Elders / Seniors


Our church has a strong history in how the elder members have built and maintained how our church has grown and will continue to grow

Sunday school


Sunday school is the bases for which strong morals and character are built.  Our teachers love what they do and all material used is structured to reach and teach each specific age group. We have a sunday school class available for all ages.



Our youth department is growing and the teachers love the youth, knowing that these years are important in the development of a character that is modest and willing to stand for positive morals.  We strive to lead our youth into a Godly life style, one that will love God and His words.  Our youth leaders, along with the pastor, are available for counseling and/or just to listen to the daily struggles that our youth are faced with.



West Thonotosassa Baptist church is small but growing.  Our music department welcomes all ages, regardless of a musical background.  Our goal is to provide inspiration and a message that will glorify God.


Community service


Our pastor is available, as are the leaders of the church, to assist as needed to the best of our ability.  

We have a food pantry available for the community.  Watch the events page for dates and times each month.

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